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Oasis of the Seas Ship Review

Wow, wow, wow! Where to start about the world’s largest and most innovative ship? Yes, she is unique, and yes she is incredible, but it is hard to find the superlatives to describe all the wonderful features of this ship. It is clear, however, that she sets a new standard for cruise ships and she will be a joy to sail on for guests of all ages. Everyone will find something special that is their favorite new feature. Richard Fain, RCCL’s Chairman and the man behind the idea and push for this ship loves Central Park, and it’s our favorite new feature too. We love taking a peaceful stroll through the lovely Central Park that is open to the fresh sea air and home to many lovely specialty restaurants. Others will love the Boardwalk reminiscent of Coney Island or Atlantic City with carousel, kids games, Sea Food Shack, Johnny Rockets, Salt Water Taffy and more. The more active might like the two huge FlowRiders for surfing and boogie boarding, or maybe the zip line across the top of the Boardwalk. Others will find the new two story Loft Suites their favorite.

Sure the ship is large and can hold about 6000 fully occupied with the maximum number of kids, but this ship has so many spectacular neighborhoods and things to do, it took a large and very innovative ship to hold all the new offerings as well as the familiar features that RCCL is already famous for providing on all her recent ships. (Royal Promenade, rock-climbing wall, etc.). Don’t let the size scare you away from trying Oasis as you can enjoy all the innovative features that will make your cruise more special WITHOUT huge crowds and long walks. This ship is wider and well laid out. It does not require a huge amount of walking and elevators are always nearby - positioned one third of the distance from the front and one-third of the distance from the back – no more far forward and far aft elevators and this greatly cuts down on the walking required. She is also tall so only the most fit will want to sprint up to the Viking Crown Lounge using the stairs to the 17th floor. Save that energy for the FlowRider and rock-climbing wall.

Families and active adults are going to love her. So are adults that are attracted to all the more upscale features and so are most people that are brave enough to try something this innovative.

Ship Design

The ship is built like two parallel, long and narrow high-rise hotels on top of a large, wide hull. The long hotel wings are connected to each other in the front of the ship, and at the back of the ship. In between the two hotels are the large atriums open to the air called the Boardwalk in the aft, and Central Park in the middle. The Royal Promenade is still there too, but below Central Park.

Oasis was the largest marine architecture and construction project ever completed. It took millions of man-hours to construct and design. She is 225,00 tons, 1187 feet long which is only 75 feet longer than the very popular Freedom Class ships from Royal Caribbean, but she is 45% wider at 184 Feet in width and only 3 decks taller. As a result she is bigger and more stable than anything at sea. Captain Bill Wright, the first Captain for the Oasis and many of RCCL’s other new class of ships, said this is the most stable ship he has ever been on. After sea trials and delivery, the ship had to cross the North Atlantic in November which is well known for bad weather potential. When they saw a storm headed their way they decided to really test the ship since there were no passengers on board and she is designed to handle extreme weather. Normally cruise ships do anything to avoid big storms, but this time they treated the storm like an extended sea trial. The seas did not disappoint and according to Captain Wright, the seas got up to 80 feet high with hurricane force winds and yet the stage and ice-show rehearsals, plus last minute construction work continued without missing a beat. Most of the people on board had no idea how bad the weather was outside. Score this one for the Oasis and her incredible design.

She can’t fit through the Panama Canal and not even the new larger, canal being built either. She was designed to cruise the Caribbean in comfort and style that absolutely no once else can approach, only calling on ports expanded to handle her size and not tendering into any ports, The Oasis will be the queen of the Caribbean and is likely to be so popular and in such high demand that her prices will likely be above other Caribbean cruise lines for many, many years.

The ship is the most green and efficient ship at sea. It is about 30% better than the average cruise ship and 15% better than the Freedom-class of ships.

Exclusive New Features Only on Oasis of the Seas

Central Park


Aqua Theater

Royal Babies and Royal Tots Program




There are a large number of restaurant choices from upscale choices like 150 Central Park and Chops Grill to the excellent three-story Opus dining room and many casual choices including the Windjammer, Café Promenade, Central Park Café, Johnny Rocket’s and the Seafood Shack on the Boardwalk.

The Windjammer casual buffet has been moved from the front of the ship where it is located on all other RCCL ships. It is now on deck 16 in the Viking Crown Lounge tower for great views to the side and aft overlooking the sports deck, miniature golf and FlowRiders. The Solarium and the much larger Solarium Bistro that used to be in the aft part of the ship are now in the front of the ship and act as an open air observation lounge – it is not completely covered like past Solariums.


The restaurants below have no extra charges for the food.


The per person cover charges for the optional, specialty restaurants are noted below


Oasis alternates between 7-night Eastern & Western Caribbean cruises roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale, which has a new modern cruise terminal built just to efficiently handle Oasis.


Oasis of the Seas has set a new cruise standard that will be difficult for any other Caribbean cruise ship to compete with, and they will have a lead that will last for many years. We highly recommend this innovative and special new product for Caribbean cruises.

You can view a gallery of photos for Oasis of the Seas at the website created just for Oasis or you can visit the Oasis of the Seas homepage with videos and more.


John & Rosemary Roberts



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