July 2016

Thought I’d publish an update on things since it has been a while. I have been designing some game pieces for a couple of gaming outfits.

I have completed two figures for the Solar Echoes RPG and will be completing a suite of 7 total figures for them in late august or early september. I also completed 4 figures for Garphill Games located toward the end of this post. The Solar Echoes figures will be sold through theirĀ shapeways, the Garphill figures will be resin cast for a Bethel Hill board game.


It doesn’t look like much but I have redone and cast each part of this at least three times. I end up not liking the cast or the way it paints. Things should be moving along now as I think I’ve worked out all the kinks. I am putting the triangle tower aside for now in favor of a less creative square one. I have never done a kickstarter before and I figured out if I do the triangles it will force me to sell giant hexagon forts which I’m sure is a bad idea for a first run. The fort is 3d printed and then the 3d prints are heavily modified by hand before casting. Enjoy the rest of the images.

DSC_0003 copy

fort1 fort2 GARPHUILL 2copy GARPHUILL3 GARPHUILL4 copy


May Preview

Just posting a short update. I’m working on a design to try manufacturing a fort. I have started over a couple times, not failing but shelving more complex ideas in favor of something simpler to limit mold making and minimizing packing volume. I’ve decided on a hexagon timber fort. Many parts of my earlier designs have been printed and molded and will likely be revisited in the future. I expect to release a small size that will leave a 15 inch area inside the fort and another that should create a 30 inch interior for buildings. Images below

I do not anticipate releasing the design files, they are higher resolution and have some issues that don’t matter as long as I just print them on my printers and rework them by hand from there.




3d printing of origional rpg or wargame miniatures