The Coldest Month

Its been a while since I blogged, baby jail barely leaves time for the work so I expect blogs remain sparse for a bit. Anyways I’ve been at it especially now that taxes and inventory are done for the year. I am attempting a 30 models in 30 days challenge. I will produce high detail models of all creatures required to play the b1/b2 modules from classic D&D.


I just really need something I can burn out to get some speed back. I got caught up in the war machine and fort that you will see below, it was swell but it really chewed up time on printings and assembly.

The Orc Machine can be downloaded one the fort is available for free on our web site in early beta form.

orcmachineB orcmachineA orcmachineC orcmachineD orcmachineE orcmachineB1 fort2 fort1

Even the goblin riders that I recently finished painting were a time kill with engineering the saddles and all. I should mention that four of the riders can go on any five of the wolves though some combinations are awkward.


I have also completed a new blog/expansion on cleaning FDM/FFF prints with HIPS and acetone stew. Here are the goblin models I will be working on in the tutorial.


I recently completed and mailed off a laser cut game board for pocket tactics and I think there will be some developments in the near future. Not really my place to preview it but I will say  I’m leaning heavily towards farming myself out for fabrication work as I really enjoy getting to work on other peoples concepts. I’ll have to wait to see if I can survive Bruce Rauner and keep my job after June 30th before I make any large equipment buys to start  facilitating this.

Okay that’s it, thanks for stopping in.