2nd Infinite Castle Preview

In the next week I hope to complete a gate house and 45 degree wall connector as well as some interior random buildings. I have designed some clips which should allow for multi story large building.

2nd Preview of Infinite Castle for 3d Printing Laser C

Boarder Fort Download Reup

You can download this fella now with simple email registration. Its a lot simple than the clunky way I had ¬†it set up through¬†Megento. Live and learn. I can’t upload the mailing list to this new rig, so if you registered before you’ll have to re-enter your email once more, sorry for the hassle.


Infinite Castle Preview

I’ve been meaning to do a laser cut/3d print mashup for a while and finally got it going. I’m designing componets so you can make a castle of undetermined dimension. Its a bit of a mix of Roman and Gaelic and slop. Pictures will give you a good idea of where it is going. Most of it will be free and I’m setting up a blog subscription to give away expansions. Basically it is a good excuse for fucking around with plug-ins to get a better idea of what you can do with wordpress. Anyways enjoy the slide show_J

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