Infinite Castle Release V1.0

Today I am releasing the first installment of infinite castle, previews maybe found in the last several posts here. Immediately below you will find a video of me going over the release. This video is low-fi, long, and boring but may contain useful info.

Here is a link to buy 3/8 inch XLPE foam if you need it. If you use some other foam remember to make sure it doesn’t contain chlorine or you may fuck up your laser. Foam is made from a lot of stuff. Just because foams feel the same does not mean they are. Do your research. The fumes from XLPE are not good for humans, make sure laser is venter to outside.  I have also repost my 28/52mm steam tank model for free download.


Downloads free with email registration through links or free stuff tab at the top of the page. Email me with any issues , models should all be converted to MM and free of mesh problems. Good luck and thanks for checking things out.


Laser cut info

You can use any texture you want for laser cutting.Floors and catwalk are laser cut in one pass using 1/8th inch baltic birch ply . BMP images are raster engraved twice. Once with a half tone dither and once with no dither and a b/w threshold of 90 or so. Walls are laser engraved XLPE foam. It is laser engraved with a 40w laser at 100% speed and 75% power using a simple dither @250 DPI. It is important not to increase resolution higher as that actually doubles the cutting power of the laser. Below is a preview video, it is low-fi, long, and boring so lower your expectations if you want to watch it.