Infinite Castle Expansion Set 1: Buildings & Dungeons

Today I am releasing infinite castle expansion 1. Like the original, this is a 3d print/laser cut mash up featuring 3d printed corner clips, window, and functional doors. Laser cut birch plywood 1/8 inch floors, rafters, and siding. Lastly it includes laser cut EVA or XPLE foam walls and laser cut Depron Foam shingles. The 3d printed clips include regular corner L clips with and without 1/8 inch cut aways, T clips for connecting to castle wall, straight clips for reinforcement or dungeon building. All three clips have a 3/8th inch slot to insert  dowels or cut foam for stacking levels. I have included a concave corner clip with 1/8th inch cutaway for non rectangular buildings. My final future release will be Infinite Fortress, however at this point you should be able to get there without me as the only major thing that is left is thicker walls and a real gate house. Illustrator files for making a roof that will fit a 5×8 inch building have been included, in addition to the files for a 5×8 floor. Flat roofs provide an easy roofing solution, however shingle roofs will have to be custom designed by following my basic design solution or one of your own. Hip and valley roof designs will likely require you to revert to more analogue terrain building methods. CNC routering roofs out of foam is the only digital solution I can think of at this point for addressing this issue.  You WILL NOT find stairs or plans to cut away floor sections for stairs.  You will have to custom design your floors anyways, and I feel like most people can handle making their own stairs . In addition to buildings, these clips will also allow you to design dungeon layouts of infinite size and shape as well. Find images and a short-ish poor intro video below. Thanks for checking out my work.Please check back as I will soon be previewing resin cast parts for a orc/barbarian castle.

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