New Stuff for free and sale and future

I have a bunch of previews to post today. First I’m releasing 3d printable components to replace some of the laser cut parts on my infinite castle design. Namely I am providing a wall section that can be downloaded on thingiverse. I still have to finish the gate on my kickstarter fort but I have finalized previews of sizes. I still must design a gate door. The smallest size will be about 7 inches square…

"New Stuff for free and sale and future"

Sept 2016

I’m uploading some recent photos of freelance work for Solar Echoes, 7 figures including a transparent figure with injectable chambers. I am including grey and blackwash preview of my final wall design for a resin fort I hope to kickstart, I just need to finish the front wall. Bethel Woods still has some time left on its kickstarter (scroll down), large previews can be found on my july post

"Sept 2016"