New Stuff for free and sale and future

I have a bunch of previews to post today. First I’m releasing 3d printable components to replace some of the laser cut parts on my infinite castle design. Namely I am providing a wall section that can be downloaded on thingiverse.


I still have to finish the gate on my kickstarter fort but I have finalized previews of sizes. I still must design a gate door. The smallest size will be about 7 inches square on the interior space. Sizes go up from there by adding fence sections. Click on images to expand to large previews. The concept is a boarder fort or trading route fort built on ruins. I believe it will also be passable for a humanoid or barbarian fantasy fort. For kickstarter rewards I’ll design some more ruined stone walls or maybe a faux cave entrance.






I tried to make an orc in ten hours and didn’t quite make it. ┬áThis guy took about 17.5 though a couple of those hours were spent resolving some complex mesh integrity issues. I released a free early version of this on thingiverse and a 3d print version can be had on shapeways. I’m going to order an ultra detail print and try resin casting this fella for production. It will certainly be a challenge but I think it can be pulled off despite some intricate nooks like the mouth.

orc_chief2 orc_chief1 orc_chief3

My final bit of business is another free fort that I am posting on thingiverse for the short term. It is a large bailey involving 21 printed pieces. I am taking down older models at this point to clean things up and basically eliminate the work I did when I was still learning. We all have to start out or start over somewhere, but having work around that looks like it was made by a drunk 15 year old no longer serves.

untitled-1 untitled-2 fort-2-copy