Kickstarter Completed, More Resin Forts Available..

I will be offering some more resin strongholds on indiegogo including a color cast option which should make for easy painting! Images below! It now has 2 stone towers and 8 fences giving it an outside dimension of 25×18.75 inches when set up. Also the STL data files and diagrams are now available as one easy error free download, so if you have been waiting now is the time!

cl3 cl4 cl2

There will be some more white resin forts offered as well.

white2 white3 white4

I sent out the last resin fort about ten days ago and have started designs for the next project. Coming in Spring 2018…………


It will include new stuff as well as some expansions to address some unfinished ideas for SOTB . I expect a healthy dose of OPENLocks but I will also continue to expand my stacker system of exterior scene building.  In particular I will be pushing build complexity,  quicker print times, and fewer supports. There will certainly be compatibility with my first stronghold design.

For me the biggest change will be taking a more organized approach from the start. My first kickstarter was spread across 5 hard drives. I think I ended up doing every model twice just from misplacement. 90% of the files I patched were from misplacing a file.

I ended up hand casting around 25 gallons of resin and went through another 3 gallons of silicone to cast 30 forts. Phew! It was a lot of weekends and my wife wasn’t too happy. The next kickstarter I will be offering 3 resin forts. I also intend to move forward with developing color casts and magnet connections from the go.  Here’s some images from the casting!

lv lv2 lv3


Right now I plan on offering the following for the next kickstarter

1)An all new borderfort design!

2)A expansion of my estate wall theme with a stronghold!

3)a deep cavern  goblin fort on stalagmites!

During this time I will also be developing a sky fort for the next next KS. I decided it would need extra time after I finished the basic layout.