UPDATE! New Kickstarter progress.

I have started releasing newsletters at a rate of one a month. In these newletters¬† I make a recommendation on a 3dprint related terrain/building project that I am not affiliated with. It seems a lot of people are producing models, especially dungeon tiles. If you want my recommendations sign up for the newsletter on the log in page, or where ever it lets you. I will recommend whatever meets my baseline for craft, design, originality, and price. If it is a bad month I’ll strike originality and go with the other three.

Regarding my own projects, right now I have the next 4 or 5 campaigns mapped out. I hope to release 3 in 2018 but each product I design seems to multiply into more ideas faster than rabbits. Or as fast as rabbits. I have an early video here out-lining some concepts that are a little bit bigger deal than it looks like right now. I’m carefully laying the groundwork which I hope will speed things up at some point. I also have an image album below.

The series will be called the Savage Realm which will feature a continued exploration of borderland fort concepts. The first release will be The Lost Keep which will have the parts needed to function as a ruin and as a rebuilt keep. A concept I am using from the video game “Neverwinter Nights II” where it allows you to move into a keep you get to rebuild. Its my intention for it to have a borderlands meets ravenloft feel. I expect there will eventually be heads on pikes and so forth.

The Lost Keep: Preview I