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Kickstarter for 9 more days!

I am posting my most recent proof of concept 3d prints for our live kickstarters. Presently these buildings are offered as digital only. The kickstarter has been great,  our facebook page is blowing up , relatively speaking.  The project has also given me clear direction for the future. The project launched at 6% funding after 2 days and reworking things have allowed us to fight back to over 40%. I will continue to advertise hard this next week but I am equally excited about a relaunch opportunity if we fall short.

Please enjoy the new images. The prints are not perfect due to me trying to force things. When you push these machines and start changing a lot of settings, you end up wasting a lot of run time. I’m just going to step back at this point, continue advertising, and let things ride out.  Thankyou everyone for your support and comments so far, I think this has been a really great experience and I am excited for the future of this project and its inevitable success!

Below is my stone corner. The integration on this random lay stonewall is great!


This is the tower design for making hexagon shaped forts, or a person could combine parts for a variety of shapes!


Parts for a wooden gate!


Finally the low rise bunk house with chimney and a removable roof!



KickStarter Launched Today!!


Today we launch “Stronghold on the Borderlands” on kickstarter. This fortification is ideal for 28mm but works well for the entire 25-32mm miniature range, becoming a bit bulky for 25mm. It is aesthetically versatile and will work as a civilized border fort, a barbarian fort, or a goblinoid fort. It is being offered as both a refined pressure cast resin structure and a high resolution digital file for 3d printing. Below are large preview images of the four versions of the fort being offered. Please check our KICKSTARTER page for more details including..

        *********How to Enter to win a free copy of the fort*********

        *********Early Bird Specials**********

***********Stretch Goals & Add-Ons***********


DSC_0041 DSC_0050 DSC_0037 DSC_0053 DSC_0061

LARGEFORTwimage MEDIUMFORTwimage SmallaFORTwimage SmallbFORTwimage