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KickStarter Launched Today!!


Today we launch “Stronghold on the Borderlands” on kickstarter. This fortification is ideal for 28mm but works well for the entire 25-32mm miniature range, becoming a bit bulky for 25mm. It is aesthetically versatile and will work as a civilized border fort, a barbarian fort, or a goblinoid fort. It is being offered as both a refined pressure cast resin structure and a high resolution digital file for 3d printing. Below are large preview images of the four versions of the fort being offered. Please check our KICKSTARTER page for more details including..

        *********How to Enter to win a free copy of the fort*********

        *********Early Bird Specials**********

***********Stretch Goals & Add-Ons***********


DSC_0041 DSC_0050 DSC_0037 DSC_0053 DSC_0061

LARGEFORTwimage MEDIUMFORTwimage SmallaFORTwimage SmallbFORTwimage

Kickstarter Launch in 5 days

I’m Launching my first kickstarter in five days. Here is a preview.

Here is the short video, there is a longer one too.

Here is some work I’ve done the last several months. Including a couple WWII figures, some really tiny oriental ships, and some snap together tokens.






Lastly I’ve been massing around with a hobgoblin line for fun.