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May Preview

Just posting a short update. I’m working on a design to try manufacturing a fort. I have started over a couple times, not failing but shelving more complex ideas in favor of something simpler to limit mold making and minimizing packing volume. I’ve decided on a hexagon timber fort. Many parts of my earlier designs have been printed and molded and will likely be revisited in the future. I expect to release a small size that will leave a 15 inch area inside the fort and another that should create a 30 inch interior for buildings. Images below

I do not anticipate releasing the design files, they are higher resolution and have some issues that don’t matter as long as I just print them on my printers and rework them by hand from there.




New Walls

I’ve completed clip in windows and doors for foam walls, as well as redesigning corners to go right off exterior wall. I’ve also finalized a roof design for open source. I should have pictures by next post. Developing infinite building concepts for buildings will work fine but it will require a lot more hands on designing and augmentation on the user end compared to the exterior castle walls I released. I’m moving forward with new, high detail designs for resin/foam cast kit for kickstarter. Designing figures is a lot bigger challenge but it’s time to move this into more of a product based model enterprise.  Building and terrain is where demand is so that is where I will focus. A quick preview for cut rock and stone rock wall.


Boarder Fort Download Reup

You can download this fella now with simple email registration. Its a lot simple than the clunky way I had  it set up through Megento. Live and learn. I can’t upload the mailing list to this new rig, so if you registered before you’ll have to re-enter your email once more, sorry for the hassle.