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Previews project B1B2


Jan 10th Post

Thought I’d throw out a little update. So far January has been a bit rough. I had to rebuild an arm on my makerfarm 3d printer and I lost my motherboard on my primary work station. I’ve taken this opportunity to consolidate my models and get everything 3d from my 2 work computers consolidated to an external HD. Obviously the good news is I get to build a new Hot Rod for 3d modeling and the parts are ordered. I’ve printed out most of my fort and here is a preview of it.


Also I’m working on a Orcs of Thar inspired War Machine, I’ll probably just do a give away on this since the CPU problems have slowed down my work flow.

orc1 orc2

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

Fort Released

Actually had a learn a few tricks, I’ll do a better job on my future mirror seams line ups but meh, .you get what you pay for.

Onto the new orcs now. I’m only releasing this in 28mm, you’re better off getting twigs in your back yard if you want a 52mm version of this I think. However a scale multiplier of %155 will get you there if need be. I’ll add more as the year goes on, I’ll print my own copy this week, I picked up some cheaper filament for this and to print out some pocket-tactics stuff so I should have a fort preview of an actual print to show soon.

Oh yeah, and happy new year from TPG!

fort1 Untitled-2 copy Untitled-1 copy fort2

Untitled-1 copy