Jan 10th Post

Thought I’d throw out a little update. So far January has been a bit rough. I had to rebuild an arm on my makerfarm 3d printer and I lost my motherboard on my primary work station. I’ve taken this opportunity to consolidate my models and get everything 3d from my 2 work computers consolidated to an external HD. Obviously the good news is I get to build a new Hot Rod for 3d modeling and the parts are ordered. I’ve printed out most of my fort and here is a preview of it.


Also I’m working on a Orcs of Thar inspired War Machine, I’ll probably just do a give away on this since the CPU problems have slowed down my work flow.

orc1 orc2

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

Fort Released

Actually had a learn a few tricks, I’ll do a better job on my future mirror seams line ups but meh, .you get what you pay for.

Onto the new orcs now. I’m only releasing this in 28mm, you’re better off getting twigs in your back yard if you want a 52mm version of this I think. However a scale multiplier of %155 will get you there if need be. I’ll add more as the year goes on, I’ll print my own copy this week, I picked up some cheaper filament for this and to print out some pocket-tactics stuff so I should have a fort preview of an actual print to show soon.


Oh yeah, and happy new year from TPG!

fort1 Untitled-2 copy Untitled-1 copy fort2

Untitled-1 copy


Christmas Post 2014

Figure I’d stop in and preview a few things, my wolf riders are done but I still need to zero in the mount for the archer. Hopefully the next days print will confirm I got it. These aren’t really difficult but they are time consuming compared to my first series models. The chainmail is badass but has no chance of rendering in non-resin prints. Anyways on the the pictures. I should have these up for sale in a couple days.

wolf4 copy wolf3 copy wolf2 copy wolf1 copy

My wife and I decided just to buy our own Xmas presents this year, I decided to pick up a collector grade copy of orc’s of thar.


I’ve tried to use my resale business to reconstruct a collector grade mystara collection but it has been tough to pull off. I had to bite the bullet on this one and the Northern Reaches. I also took my third run at an Orcs of Thar type Orc head as I construct my blank for High resolution Orc figures.

orc head

On a final note, not related to modeling at all, My daughter¬† Maybellene Rae was born last weekend, I expect I’ll be doing plenty of modeling this next month to keep my sanity from sleepless nights


I’m working on a 28mm Outpost fort for a freebie, Hope to have it done for xmas day. A little architecture to keep the CAD skill set honest.¬† Thanks for stopping in and Happy Holidays!

3d printing of origional rpg or wargame miniatures