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November 18th Entry

Hi, I’m Previewing some new miniatures. The first is a five man set I’m calling Ardanian Assault Squad.

ard4 ard3 ard2 ard1

These are indicative of my new direction, I’m going away from the 52mm scale though I will still preview FDM 52mm models because that is what is fastest for me. These are designed to be resin printed at 28mm. Both versions will be available on the Web Site and shapeways for 28mm.

I’m hoping to start doing some work with Ill Gotten Games and I thought I’d preview some of the models I’m working on for that as well. Right now both sides are just kind of seeing how it goes but so far I feel like its clicking. I’ve really enjoyed being thrown down the dark path of a steam punk/cyber trash.


In other news I’ve been busy basically. November is a hectic month at work. My Hirans boot USB helped me avoid a near fatal hard drive failure, I guess I’ll be making back ups from now on. You should get one of these if you don’t have one.

Lets see, how about some useful disclosure, I took my models off thingiverse last month. I left up previews and would basically leave the weapon models posted while directing viewers to the timeportalgames.com website for the full models available via registration. The results have not been what I expected, but what I should have expected. I haven’t gotten a ton of registration or new traffic from it. What has happened is nothing. The models are being downloaded as much as they were when the full model is up. Which means thingiverse is not that great for self promotion. Its actually an old internet lesson, if you post stuff on a website geared towards free stuff, all you get is people looking for free stuff. LOL, I’ve even gotten a few disgruntled emails from assholes who can’t believe I would make them do a tiny bit of work to get their free stuff. Anyways, the fact that downloads haven’t dropped off indicates that people aren’t even hardly looking at what they are taking on this site. I’ve had a very parallel experience to this in my past. My adolescents lasted about 20 years (13-34), during this time a ran some fairly nasty touring gutter punk groups, this was done through the mp3.com and then myspace boom. You’d have 60k downloads and it would translate into nearly nothing because you were reaching takers and not buyers markets. Well enough of my smug bickering, till next time..thanks for stopping in _J

Also here’s a nice but old slate article I ran across for the true believers out there.

Welcome to Time Portal Games !!

I am the owner of a small role-playing sales operation called Time Portal Games. This is the timeportalgames blog. We will begin manufacturing rpg products this year. You can follow us on this adventure and get an inside look. The development of this RPG line will follow many smug art approaches to idea formulation and will utilize many 3d technologies. For my first blog and introduction I will show you the inside workings of a mail order rpg store. While not super interesting, this is the engine that finances the rest of the machine The organization looks like hell but its actually a tight ship we run here. Humidity is maintained at 50% or less, the temperature is maintained around 60-70 year around.

Leave no corner empty
Leave no corner empty
Looking out from the captains chair
Looking out from the captains chair